Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Genre(s): Sci-Fi

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Francois Truffaut, Teri Garr, Melinda Dillon, Bob Balaban

Synopsis: A man is inexplicably drawn toward a remote mesa by an unseen force.

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Newt's movie review

I saw this movie forever ago and it not only got me thinking a little more about Sci-Fi and aliens in general, it also kinda scared me because I was thinking about the possibilites. I saw it again recently, and those feelings haven't changed.

It's a good movie with good effects and GREAT acting. Well done. Turn out the lights, turn up the TV, and prepare for the encounter.

Added 05 October 2002 at 12:40 PM

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