Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) Genre(s): Comedy | Drama | Musical

Directed by: John Cameron Mitchell

Starring: John Cameron Mitchell, Michael Pitt, Miriam Shor, Stephen Trask, Theodore Liscinski

Synopsis: A German drag queen recounts her life story. Officially billed as "an anatomically incorrect rock odyssey."

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Ripley's movie review

This is a very cool movie. The music is amazing, the story is pretty good, and the acting is good. I could go on and on about how great I think it is but I'd never do it justice. You have to experience it for yourself.

This is the kind of movie that is perfectly suited to midnight showings. If you can't find one of those, buy the DVD and the soundtrack. Both are on my "must have" list.

(I debated for a long time whether to use "drag queen" or "transexual" in the synopsis because, really, Hedwig is neither. And both. She's.... ah hell, just go watch the damn movie.)

Added 16 September 2002 at 1:48 AM
Newt's movie review

The tunes really are great. But the DVD is not on my must-have list.

It truly was a unique experience, and I really can't compare it to anything else. See it.

Added 01 December 2002 at 4:30 PM

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