Waydowntown (2000)
Waydowntown (2000) Genre(s): Comedy

Directed by: Gary Burns

Starring: Fab Filippo, Don McKellar, Marya Delver, Gordon Currie, Jennifer Clement

Synopsis: A group of co-workers bet a month's salary to see who can stay inside the longest.

Genie nominee: Director.

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Ripley's movie review

It's an odd movie. It's also Canadian so maybe that explains it. It was interesting to see the various ways each character went a little crazy. It was also interesting to watch McKellar's character go nuts even though he wasn't part of the bet.

I wouldn't go out and rent it but if it turns up on CBC and you don't have anything else to do, give it a shot.

Added 15 September 2002 at 5:09 AM

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