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I believe in miracles
Where ya from, you sexy thing?
You sexy thing, you
I believe in miracles
Since you came along, you sexy thing
36sec 383KB
Do I want to? With all that charm?
Do I want to? Twist my arm...
17 sec 187KB
Constant craving
Has always been....
42sec 458KB
I only wanna be with you 4 sec 43.1KB
When I start making love
I don't just make love
I be strokin'. That's what I be doin'.
I be strokin'
I stroke it to the east
And I stroke it to the west
I stroke it to the woman
That I love the best
I be strokin'
25 sec 266KB
C'mon over here
And lay by my side
I've got to be touching you
11 sec 120KB
Face to face and back to back
You see and feel my sex attack
Flesh, flesh for fantasy
We want flesh, flesh for fantasy
28 sec 299KB
Be my lover
Wanna be my lover
Lookin' back on all the time
We spent together
You oughta know by now
If you wanna be my lover
Wanna be my lover
Go ahead and take your time, boy.
You gotta feel secure
Before I make you mine, baby
You have to be sure
You wanna be my lover
Be my lover...
40 sec 680KB
I'm a real wild one, wild one, wild one 7 sec 146KB
I smell sex and candy here
Who's that loungin' in my chair
11 sec 119KB
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